Impossible task! (but not giving up ;-) )

Ahoi! As often as I find time to update the map it seems that another handful of locations need to be added! I still have not had the possibility to start mapping Eastern Europe and especially Hungary but, I have added several new locations including Estonia, thanks for the tip Thomas! I have also added a running total list in the sidebar and at the moment the UK seems to be the market which is expanding fastest with now around 40 locations followed by Germany with 26. Either I am not finding the sites due to the language barriers or the long game tradition (board games / euro games) means that these two countries have adopted this trend quicker than some others, I would enjoy hearing other opinions on this topic. While on the subject of feedback, the daily hit stastistics for this site are gradually growing and I would ask, once again, that if you are a visitor who has knowledge of a location that is missing please let me know. Thanks for your visit! S